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10 things you didn’t know you could get out of your University

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Many students feel that university is not just about studying and making a career, it is much more than that which is mainly related to getting involved in a lot of debt. Moreover, students further feel that debt means not having any kind of social life and just working 24/7 to ensure that the debt is paid somehow. University is a lot more than just studies, debt or even having fun. It offers the chance to earn money as well. Following are the 10 ways that a student can make use of to earn money, have fun, and enjoy university life as well:


There are many universities who offer student the chance to have a job at the campus. These are usually known as the students’ jobs that they can carry on, along with continuing their studies. Some of the most common jobs that are given to students usually involve giving a tour to new students around the campus, or helping out a teacher with his or her work in their office. At times, when students help out their professors with their office work.

There is also the aspect of writing about university and getting paid for it, in return. This is mainly known as creating a positive image of the university in order to attract students to the university. It is usually done in the form of writing blog for the university website.

An advertising service

The advertising service usually works in the sense that if a student has started a business and is looking to promote it, the use of advertising service is made to get free promotion. At times, universities also help in this aspect. However, it is important that when opting for university to advertise a product, the student must make sure that all the aspects of the business are legit.

A social venue

Many students do not realize that university can also be seen as the social venue which can help the students in many ways. Students usually pot for bars and nightclubs to have a social outing. Numerous universities offer pubs, coffee bars, and common rooms which can be used as hang out places. Also, when students stay within the university premises, they are able to sort out their time in various ways, such as planning out any event or wanting to sleep in early.

Free use of facilities

Students have the advantage of using free facilities that are provided by the university. Some universities do charge for using their facilities, but it is usually at discounted rates related to sport and academic facilities. The study room are mainly free to hire. Universities also offer gym membership which comes with additional perks that are free of cost, regarding the use of sports hall.

Free courses

Many universities tend to offer supplementary courses which are provided so that the student can enhance his knowledge in other disciplines as well. Moreover, it would also act as an additional perk on the CV and improve the employability skills as well. Students can choose such courses with their friends and enjoy them. Some courses required to be paid for, but are typically cheap.

A place to conduct your own business

This aspect can be used by those individuals who plan to start their own business, such as coaching. The students can make use of the university’s library and campus which would help in boosting the business in a safe and open environment without having any kind of trouble. As the coaching business would take place within the university, there are high chances that the business would get the much-needed boost that it is looking for.

Free proofreading

Writing essays for any student is a daunting task. The situation becomes even more difficult to handle when the student does not have anyone to proofread the work that he or she has written. There are universities that offer the proofreading services to its students, if the students are able to complete their work well in-advance of the submission date. This way, they can get the paper proofread and be rest assured that any type of grammar, typos and other minor errors will be resolved in a timely manner.

Free stationery

Universities tend to keep spare pens, pencils, and other stationery items in libraries, and common rooms that students can pick whenever they need one. The stationery items are absolutely free of cost and are kept to ensure that students do not have to run around in times of need.


Students who get admission in universities that are far away from their home, tend to become homesick. In such a situation, the idea of mentoring or counselling can be a good one for the student. Mentoring is about making the student feel comfortable by offering him support in all the areas that he feel he is lacking in, which could be studies or needing support to adjust in the new environment.

A job after graduation

Some universities tend to offer graduate intern opportunities to their students. However, this is a risk aspect because the student will have to spend one more year which could be fruitful or not be fruitful. It is mainly up to the student to decide if he wants to stay in the university and continue with looking for opportunities in the university, or he can go out and explore his options openly without any trouble.

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